What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Life is not easy. If you’re honest, you struggle. I know I do. Sometimes, a life of faith is even harder.  I’ve heard too many atheists spout ideas that imply religion, Christianity specifically, is a fantastic placebo that allows its tenants to ignore difficult ideas or circumstances. I believe the opposite to be true.

If we are eternal creatures, the choices we make and the things we do, or don’t do, matter. A lot. That can be scary. If truth is absolute, then meaningful, probing faith is hard. Conversely, if I wanted to ignore the gravity of any given decision looming over my head, I would imagine a world where truth is subject to my fancies. A world where my significance ends when the cells of my body stop cooperating becomes a cosmic catharsis.

That is a fantasy I refuse to indulge. No matter how difficult the question, when life lends no good options, I will march through- my eyes fixed firmly on the horizon. Though sometimes I may not know where my path leads, I have direction. Although I frequently find myself asking why, I have purpose. I will continue walking with a singular certainty- eternity starts today. Where I choose to walk matters.

Not every solution will be easy. I will end up places I never intended. I’m going to make mistakes. Mistakes that echo in eternity. I will let the significance of that sink in. Not letting those mistakes debilitate or immobilize me will be a challenge.

But my potential. Potential for good. Good that lasts. Eternal good. That’s heavy. That’s motivating. That’s a gift.

I will strive to ensure that the good I do in this world outweighs the wake of damage I leave behind. Not because my security depends on it. I have an inner witness that reminds me my eternity is fixed. But more people walk this planet with no idea how that feels. I am bent towards eternity, and I cannot escape that. This is why I must continue living every day in the context of eternity.

At least that’s what I’m aiming for. Sometimes I miss… Haha, yeah right. Sometimes I hit is more like it. Either way. Missing the mark isn’t failure. Aimless living is failure. And that’s not me.